I Have Dreams

Hello guys, my name is Efa Yanti. I have a lot of dreams. When I was child, my dreams was to be a police woman. I want to be a police woman, because of that I could help some people to felt safer and more comfortable when they were wakling out, but I didn’t have tall and big body. Sometimes, I want to be a teacher, a doctor, and the other interesting dreams. However, I have grown up. When I studied at Vocational High School and took accounting, start from here I want to be a public accountant. So, in Semarang State University I also take an accounting department to reach my wonderful dreams.

If I have to choose between being a businessman or public civil servant, I prefer businessman to public civil servant. After I graduate from this University, I want to work in Bank Indonesia or in big company in Indonesia such as Sidomuncul, Pertamina, Unilever, and etc. I want to be a financial manager there. I choose the job because it gives me challenge and good salary. After I work for 3-4 years, I wlill have a lot of money. Then, I will resign my job and start a business. I will open the boutique. After I run my business, I want to marry with the architect or businessman with handsome, good looking, and religious person. I will start to have family and have two children. I will live in a big house is located in Wonosobo with a comfort place, a mosque, and park beside my house. The last, I and my husband want to take our parents to Makkah for Hajji. I think that’s all I can say about my dreams. To reach my dreams come true, I must study hard, be different, be the best, keep spirit, and always remember Allah.


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